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Men and women employed in full-time jobs should share equally the responsibilities of household chores. Do you agree or disagree?

The ongoing changes in maternal roles have been instigated by equal rights movements. As women’s participation in the labor force has been increasing rapidly, I believe the division of household responsibility needs a matching change that has manifold benefits in terms of the wife’s career prospects and family relationship.
8分的文章最大的特点就是语言使用地道,接近于native speaker的写作风格。从开头段就可以看出来同学对语言的把控水平非常高。maternal roles;equal rights movements; participation in the labor force;career prospects等都是非常好的表达。

Females’ involvement in the workforce might increase if half of their responsibility for housework is shared by the husband. When women’s conventional jobs in the house are shared by the husband, the wife could gain extra time for work, contributing to career development. It is therefore understandable that higher chance of promotion could be guaranteed for the wife than before when females have to devote themselves to a large amount of housework ranging from cooking to cleaning. Additionally, some household chores are physically demanding, such as yard work, maintenance, and repairs. If these jobs at home are completed by the husband, the wife would bear less housing responsibility. Consequently, she could stay a fresher mind and be more energetic while working, thereby accumulating more working experience.

Sharing equal household responsibilities improves the well-being of the whole family. This is initially because there is no partner over-burdened with the responsibilities at home. To explain, these chores are considered as invisible work with few rewards, but the responsibilities would become less psychologically distressing when shared. Therefore, division of labor reduces the levels of depression and emotional stress caused by being overwhelmed by household chores. Also, when couples share household chores, it provides the couple with common experiences and interests. As a result, they can initiate conversations and mutual understanding that contribute to closer family bonds.

In conclusion, equally dividing family responsibility is desirable for the wife to pursue a more promising career path and the couples to strengthen their family ties.



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