Sometimes you start collecting things because they just show up. Like stray cats. Sometimes the deja vu of coming across the same vintage treasure several times creates a scratch that needs to be itched. Hopefully it’s not bed bugs…

Lately I keep coming across miniature wicker peacock chairs. You know, the ones that remind you of 70’s pornos? At first I just thought they were just, you know, doll furniture, which I have zero interest in. After cruising the internet, I realized – they were meant to be plant stands! Which makes so much sense that I had no idea because I am the Grim Reaper when it comes to house plants. If I can plant it outside we are all good, but in our drafty, poorly lit old farmhouse, things come here to die. So, more awesome vintage mid century wicker plants stands for you, my customers! I’ll have them up for sale at our booth at Junkstock in Omaha June 9 – 11th.Vintage Wicker Peacock Plant Stands

These charmers are available from a fellow Etsy Seller here.


The mini versions are almost as fun to decorate with as the fullsize versions – especially if you don’t have a lot of room.  Check out this great article from One Kings Lane about the history of the peacock chair, along with styling tips.


One Kings Lane Peacock Chair History